Support that keeps you in control

Listening and talking to people is regarded as an important part of delivering care. It is the aim of the Trust to provide a flexible support service, responsive to each client's individual needs.


The Haven Helps Home Support Scheme supports clients by providing a diverse range of services within their home environment. Our services are tailored to meet an individual's needs and choices to ensure independence, dignity and rights are maintained. We strive to deliver personalised care and home support of the highest standard.

We provide quality support to each of our clients within their own home. An individually agreed package of support, allows clients to remain in control of the care and support provided, and to continue to live as independently and as fulfilled a life as possible, whilst recognising and taking into account the associated risks.

Social support can include:
"At the grand age of 95 my grandfather reluctantly agreed that he needed a little bit of extra help around the house. Initially he had a visit for just one hour a week. He is now 98, still living in his home and has a visit 6 days a week."
"Haven does their utmost to give their clients continuity so that 'strangers' soon become familiar faces. He began to build up a trust with his support workers and felt in control, which was really important for him in order to accept help. If the support worker was away he would always be told in advance and given the option of an alternative. So he never had a 'stranger' turn up on his unannounced. This was crucial for Grandad and one of Haven's strengths."
"As a busy family Haven is a godsend for us. As well as providing Grandad with first-class help and support in his home, he has also enjoyed the extra social contact from his support workers. Without their support we would have struggled to help Grandad remain living independently in his own home. He has been able to keep his independence and his dignity."
"I would highly recommend Haven Trust to anyone who is at he stage of needing extra help as the give such a high level of dignified, compassionate and personal support to both the client and their care." Susan Davies

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